HeroX successfully tokenized the first property in Australia as part of the Fibree Tokenization Challenge sponsored by Blocksquare therefore winning one of the 3 x 50,000 EUR prizes.

As the leading organization bringing together real estate professionals and blockchain specialists from all over the world, FIBREE has decided to partner with Blocksquare to launch the Real Estate Tokenization Challenge 2021, where the first three teams to successfully tokenize a real estate asset will be awarded with their own white-label real estate tokenization platform powered by Blocksquare — an award worth 3 x 50,000 EUR in licenses and services!

Tokenization of real estate and decentralised financial markets will become an alternative source of capital for real estate investors that operate in illiquid markets. Tokenized Real Estate powered by Blockchain is allowing investors at any scale to participate in fractionalized real estate opportunities, providing greater liquidity, better price discovery, faster and cheaper transactions with more transparency, and global accessibility.

Read the official announcement here.